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Our authorized professional technicians and installers have been trained to understand customer’s unique requirements and find the best possible solution for your AC maintenance. They are equipped with advanced mechanism techniques and qualitative experience.


  • Air filter and fan cleaning with coolant level check: Maintenance and cleaning services of air filters and inspect air coolant levels for your ac systems.
  • AC condenser and evaporator coil and fan cleaning: To ensure a quality AC maintenance service we use mechanised methods to remove thin and hard layers of gunk from condenser. 
  • Drain cleaning and leakage check: One of the most common issues with AC maintenance, we ensure a proper installation, insulation and no blockage in drainage pipe to prevent water leakage.

As one of the leading home service providers in the UAE, customers place their trust in us when it comes to fixing, maintaining and looking after their home and office. Ac maintenance is one such frequently booked service by our clients.

  • Rapid response at the time of booking any service from our team of professionals is one of our specialities. Expect instant response or free quotes from our trusted partners. Experience an unmatched, timely and reliable service. 
  • Every customer is unique and so are their needs. We understand your problems and are able to give the most holistic solutions based on our personalised services. Get your requirements fulfilled with simplicity and a personal touch.
  • Great attention is paid to every detail that the customers provide.  Sit back with peace of mind as we match your requirements with top-rated and experienced professionals for your AC maintenance

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  • Genuine Pricing

    Choose the service that is within your budget range from a list of trusted service providers in various fields.

  • Vetted Professionals

    We measure and manage our service partners on their service quality to make sure our service is great.

  • Best Customer Experience

    We take customer service seriously. Our contact center is open 7 days per week to help you out with anything you need.

All About AC Maintenance

AC Duct Cleaning

An AC duct cleaning is one of the most essential home maintenance tasks you must indulge in every year its recommended twice a year. Smile Handdy is your one stop solution for all your AC services in residential and commercial facilities across UAE.

 Our hygiene services differ from others because:

  • We have a huge team of experienced technicians with an experience of 10 years and above.

  • We ensure that each team is headed by an experienced supervisor.

  • Our Ac duct cleaning services not only remove all the clogged debris but we also decontaminate it to prevent any kind of air-borne infections.

  • Before cleaning, we ensure that all your carpets, furniture and upholstery are protected and covered to prevent any kind of damage.

  • We use the latest cleaning equipment and modern technology such as Negative Pressure Dust Collection  to give you the best services. These latest machines render an efficient disposal and Debris and mold collecting in the AC duct.

  • For Duct Disinfection, we use EPA approved chemicals to eliminate all traces of mold/fungus/germs to give you a thoroughly sanitized surface for upto 24 months from the date of cleaning. 

  • To add an element of proficiency to our tasks, we also provide a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ AC duct cleaning report to our clients in an electronic format.

  • We thoroughly clean every inch of your ac duct, ensuring complete hygiene.

  • We can also arrange for your indoor air quality report with microbial data analysis from a third-party laboratory for an additional cost. 

AC Duct Cleaning


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